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LAMBS-Kennels breeds registered purebred German Shepherd from approved hip-scored dogs. We give our clients valuable information and buying guidelines unconditionally and for free. Do not be in a hurry to spend your money-get the right information. Let us improve the standard of German Shepherd Dog breeding and rearing together.

Our breeding dogs are well selected from known working bloodlines with excellent top-lines and superb temperaments. We do not take chances with our breeding dogs. It takes time, effort and money to get good breeding dogs. We breed German Shepherd Dogs with a known generational history.

If you want a healthy pedigree German shepherd puppy, then get in touch with us.

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  • All LAMBS puppies are bred from approved hip-scored dogs


There are arguably only two major different types of German shepherd dogs within the recognized world breed standard:

  1. The working line
  2. The show line

The German Shepherd Dog is inherently a guardian dog with innate protective qualities. Working line German shepherd dogs are bred for their ability to work and perform tasks; in their breeding program. Lambs kennels focus on producing strong and balanced working German shepherd dogs. Their main drive and primary interest is in such traits as courage, strong and big bones, hard and tough nerves, drive, intelligence, obedience and solid temperament.

We make a choice and the selection process of breeding partners are painstaking and principally based on these aforementioned guiding considerations.

Our Working line German shepherd dogs are bred to have very high stress and pain tolerance levels. We produce working German shepherd dog that have the nerve, the guts and the stamina to do the job!!

The puppies we get from our breeding working line German shepherd dog always have a fight drive; it fights and bites without surrendering; this dog is a master of his environment-not all dogs are wired with such inherent capacity for work-only working German shepherd dog bloodlines excel and thrive in this arena!!

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