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Questions to ask before buying

  1. Ask to see the parents - How are they? How is their profile? Are they impressive German Shepherd Dogs? What are their physical characteristics?
  2. Ask about their registration with East Africa Kennel club. Ask to see their registration certificates. This should either be Blue, Pink or White official registration. To confirm the purity of the breed, ask to see the parent’s pedigree certificate.
  3. Ask whether the dogs have had their hips x-rayed - German Shepherd Dogs are prone to hip Dysplasia. (HD). If they have been X-Rayed each will have an official Kennel club certificate.
  4. Ask about the feeding - The menu, the schedule: Ask about the clinical card - Vaccinations, Deworming, Supplements etc. Assess how the breeder responds to your questions - If he is not happy to answer your questions be suspicious!!!
  5. Ask when the Bitch/Mother had her last litter. It is recommended that a bitch has only one litter per year for the health of both the bitch and her puppies. You cannot register more than one litter per year from the same bitch with the Kennel club. Buyers beware!!!
    At LAMBS-Kennels we keep a carefully planned breeding programme.
  6. Ask the breeder what breeding standards he/ she upholds in his/her kennel.
  7. Ask about the registration of the parents - If they have been registered with East Africa Kennel club, then the breeder should give you the following documents: -
    - A Kennel club registration certificate (Blue, Pink or White) the breeder should tell you their difference.
    - A4-generation pedigree certificate (Generation history)
    This is a disease of the hip joints and is particularly common in large breed dogs. It affects the normal range of movement of the hip joints and eventually causes Arthritis to your dog. It is a very painful condition. There is no cure for this condition. It is too risky to buy a German shepherd puppy whose parents' hip condition is not known. “If you are investing your money to keep a German Shepherd Dog or you want to improve your breeding stock either as an individual or as security company, you are wasting your money and training time if the dog has hip Dysplasia. Be sure that both parents of your puppy have been hip-scored.
    “Some breeders will tell you that their dogs have no hip problems”.

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Our Working line German shepherd dogs are bred to have very high stress and pain tolerance levels. We produce working German shepherd dog that have the nerve, the guts and the stamina to do the job!!

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